Aurora Yarns of Alaska features fantastic hand-dyed in Alaska products!

 Welcome to our new web site!

 (Sorry our website is still under construction so please let us know if you need more information!) 

Our hand-dyed yarns feature a wide and colorful selection of exciting and exclusive designs – allowing you to knit and crochet with the colors of the Alaska landscape! Yarns from local dyers and QIVIUT from the Northern Muskox fibres are our most luxurious findings! Browse the colorful array here at our on-line store! 

We are also excited to also share our growing collection of one-of-a-kind and artist made gifts through our new gallery Boreal Artworks.  We are happy to be bringing together artists from all over Alaska and the North to share how this landscape inspires us!

We have moved! We are now located at 602B Broadway Street, Skagway, Alaska across the street from the USPS post office! We’re excited to share our new shop with you, so if you’re in Skagway, make sure to walk over and say hi! 

We’re proud to carry a large selection of yarns and kits!

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 We hope we can connect you with Alaska – and hope to see you soon!